Well Monitoring Applications

Microbial Sensor Technology

The MiProbE directly measures electrical signals generated by biofilms on the probe surface in real-time. These microbial biofilms respond to environmental changes in both saturated and unsaturated zones, and can be used to determine redox condition, biocidal contaminations, and other biogeochemical changes in the environment.

The MiProbE Sentry

The automated MiProbE Sentry is a solar-powered microbial sensor system that can be remotely deployed for continuous real-time monitoring, data transmission and cloud-based reporting (provided by Groundswell Technologies, Inc.). MiProbE is impervious to biofilm buildup or fouling and can be used for the following applications:

  • Augment or replace oxygen-reduction potential or dissolved oxygen sensors.
  • Confirm amendment or tracer distribution, breakthrough timing and impact.
  • Confirm natural source zone depletion.
  • Identify nutrient or biocidal contamination.
  • Shallow and deep well deployments.
  • Plus: Geospatial mapping, stacked time series charts, customizable alerts, automated response.

Reliable Data in Real-Time.

The technology has been continuously deployed for over 900 days of operation in sediment without maintenance requirements or sensor drift. Benefits include:

  • Optimize treatment applications through real-time feedback/response
  • Uncomplicated deployment logistics
  • Perfect for groundwater, riparian, and wastewater treatment applications
  • Cost-effective, durable systems for harsh environments
  • Auto-alerting and control engagement
  • Demonstrate success to client and regulators while at their desk
  • Reduce or eliminate sample collection and analytical costs

Microbial Response and Oxygen Reduction Potential probe signals are highly correlated and inversely proportional in well-monitoring applications