MiProbE Sentry

Remote Automated Monitoring

The automated MiProbE™ Sentry is a solar-powered, cloud-based, complete microbial sensor system with minimum setup and continuous process monitoring in any environment.

Rugged & Reliable

These rugged system can be installed in-situ for both remote lagoon & pond monitoring or at high-throughput industrial facilities with minimal setup costs. Each Sentry comes with a 5-watt Solar Panel and heavy-duty backup battery.


Each Microbial Signal Processor System Board supports up to three MiProbE Sensors, up to three Temperature Sensors, and up to two 4-20 mA sensors for specific needs.

Built-in Cellular & Cloud Connectivity

Each system is provisioned with its own cellular modem and configured to upload to our cloud analytics platform for easy data access.

MiProbE Sentry Operating Specifications:
Power0.06 watts (Typical)
1.8 watts (Transmitting)
Dimensions4” x 8” x 8” Controller Housing
Temperature32° F - 149° F (Internal)
Humidity1% - 99% Non-condensing
Sensor Configurations:
MiProbE SensorsUp to 3
TemperatureUp to 3
Optional 4-20mA SensorsUp to 2
Optional Components:
Solar Panel12V 270mA Output
Lithium Ion Battery12.8V 6.4Ahr
MiProbe Cloud Platform:
Basic Internet Access and Web Browser